Where To Find the Best Family Dentistry in Englewood, Colorado?

Where To Find the Best Family Dentistry in Englewood, Colorado?

Where To Find the Best Family Dentistry in Englewood, Colorado?


Research shows that oral disease affects almost half of the world’s population (44%). These days, dental practices have gained numerous advancements. With new updates in dentistry, family dentists are now better able to provide quality treatments and services for their patients. If you are looking for the best family dentistry service near Englewood, CO, you came to the right place.



What is Family Dentistry?

A family dentist goes through training to provide dental procedures from the first toddler appointment to the first conversation about implants or dentures. Rippe Dental Associates can help your children learn good oral health from a young age.

What is the Difference Between Family and General Dentistry?

Much like family dentists, general dentists receive extensive education and training before practicing. They need to go through three years of undergraduate education and pass four years of dental school before starting their practice.

Like other dentists, the primary goal of these two dental practitioners is to give you a beautiful smile. The only difference between them is that general dentists cater to a specific age group. Family dentists offer treatments for all ages, and they usually offer more family-friendly environments, office hours and multi-family member appointments. Meanwhile, most general dentists provide exclusive treatments, concentrating on repairs and complicated procedures.


What are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

There are various benefits in getting a family dentist:

  • Family Dentists Offer Convenience

Family dentists can provide treatments for all age groups. This means that you do not need to travel to other clinics to get your family members treated.

  • Family Dentists Can Set Appointments that Would Fit Your Schedule

Family dentists can schedule multi-family member appointments. This is convenient because you don’t have to make multiple visits for your family.

  • Family Dentists Can Help You Track Your Family’s Dental History

Since your family is going to the same dentist, you can easily track all their treatments and expenses in the same place.

Rippe Dental Associates’ Family Dentistry Services

Rippe Dental Associates is one of the leading dental practices in Colorado. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Christian Rippe leads our team of extensively trained dental experts. For excellent family dentistry services, check out Rippe Dental Associates today! Contact us at 303-779-9876, or visit our website at DrRippe.com.