Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

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We hear less and less about dental extractions, because people now have access to professional dental care, as well as great oral health products, and oral health education is taught from a young age. Fewer extractions are necessary, and that’s great news! Dr. Christian Rippe goes to great lengths to preserve teeth, when possible. He offers root canals in our office, to save internally infected teeth from requiring extraction. In some cases, though, extraction is the most practical and healthy treatment option.

Do you need extractions? Dr. Rippe uses microtools, anesthesia, and sedation to help patients relax and remain comfortable during tooth removal procedures. Call 303-779-9876 today to schedule a second-opinion visit or a consultation with Dr. Christian Rippe in our Centennial, CO dental office.

When Extractions Are Advised

Everyone’s mouth has a unique shape and size. Though most humans develop 32 permanent teeth, not all of us have enough room for them.

To prepare for orthodontic treatment with braces, sometimes removing teeth is necessary so that remaining teeth have the space to properly align. Some people naturally develop a second row of teeth, where one or more teeth grow behind the front teeth, from the roof of the mouth. Removing the second row is usually required to make space for remaining teeth and to improve the appearance and function of the mouth. (Some second-row teeth may be pulled into alignment with braces.)

In preparation for dentures, any remaining teeth will need extraction. Dentures will provide a complete, fully functional, attractive set of teeth. The sacrifice of losing a few remaining teeth is well worth the benefit of restoring an entire set of teeth.

Of course, a tooth can also become diseased beyond repair. Whether tooth decay, a large crack, a break, or internal infection have compromised the affected tooth, there is a point at which restoration is not an option. Removing unsalvageable teeth and replacing them with a bridge, partial, or dental implant is often a wise decision.

Extractions are also advised for problematic wisdom teeth. We do not need the four third molars that erupt in the very back of our mouths during our late teens and early twenties. In fact, these large masticators can be quite troublesome. Before breaking the surface of the gums, wisdom teeth often lodge in a position that negatively affects neighboring teeth and can lead to infection. If wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause misalignment of other teeth, as they vie for space where not much exists. In either case, extraction may be advised. Some people opt to have third molars extracted in the teen years when they are not yet erupting or causing problems. This preventative treatment should be discussed with Dr. Rippe so that you fully understand the potential benefits and risks.

What to Expect After Treatment

You will go home with a dressing of gauze on the socket where a tooth was removed. The dental assistant will review instructions on when and how to change the dressing, either with you or with the person who will drive you home. The doctor may prescribe a pain medication or direct you to take over-the-counter NSAIDs to help deter pain and swelling. You can also apply an ice pack over a dry cloth, to the outer cheek surface, over the extraction. Most importantly, eat a soft diet for a few days and do not smoke or use a straw. Suction in your mouth could dislodge the forming blood clot and lead to an uncomfortable condition known as dry socket.

Reserve Your Second-Opinion Visit or Consultation Today

If you know that you need an extraction, have a painful wisdom tooth, or want a second opinion on a diagnosis, call our Centennial, CO dental office at 303-779-9876 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rippe. Located near DTC, we cater to families from Englewood and Greenwood Village.