How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels

How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels

How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels


If in-office teeth whitening is beyond your budget, there is a fantastic alternative. An increasing number of dentists are now offering take-home teeth whitening trays and gels. These offer patients all of the benefits of professional-grade bleaching agents and tools, but since you undertake the application yourself at home, these come at less cost.


Here is everything you need to know about how to use your teeth whitening tray and gel.

Instructions for using your teeth whitening tray





Clean your teeth before you begin

Before you start, it is important that you brush and floss like your teeth thoroughly. This helps to ensure that they are completely clean and will enable an even and consistent application of the whitening product.


Prep your trays

Fill each bleaching tray with a small amount of whitening agent. Do not overfill as when you insert your teeth, the excess will spill over the gums and this could cause irritation and soreness. The optimum amount is approximately half a tube or less for each tray each night. If there is any excess, wipe it away immediately using a cotton pad or soft cloth.


Wear your trays as directed

Every dentist is slightly different and therefore you should follow the instructions provided with regards to wearing your trays. However, in most cases the whitening trays are worn overnight for at least 7/8 hours. During this time, you should not eat, drink or smoke.


Rinsing the next day

When you remove your trays the next day, take care to rinse our mouth thoroughly so that any remaining traces of gel are removed.


How many sessions with the whitening tray will I need to achieve my desired result?

Every patient is unique and so is the way in which each person responds to treatment. Some patients will only need 4/5 sessions with the trays to achieve the desired result. However, it is important to note that teeth whitening will not lift internal stains. It may also not be able to improve all types of severe discoloration. Crowns, veneers and fillings will also be unaffected by the whitening process.

My teeth feel very sensitive after using whitening trays, what can I do?

Sensitivity is very common after any professional-grade whitening process, whether performed at home or in-office. The sensation only usually lasts for a couple of days, but if it is making you uncomfortable, you can consider filling the trays with sensitive toothpaste and wearing them for a few hours to help reduce the discomfort.

Longevity of your results


In order to achieve and sustain the best possible results from your at-home teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended that you avoid the following for at least 4-6 weeks after whitening:

-         Smoking

-         Foods and products containing tannins and strong colors, such as carrots, berries, soy sauce and curry paste.

-         Drinks containing tannins or colors, including red wine, coffee, tea and berry fruit juice.


If you have any concerns about any part of the teeth whitening process, we strongly recommend that you contact us and speak to our tray provider as soon as possible to obtain further advice.