How to Protect Your Teeth This Summer

How to Protect Your Teeth This Summer

How to Protect Your Teeth This Summer


Who doesn’t love summer? Warmer weather, long days filled with sunshine and the opportunity to spend plenty of time outside are just some of the things that we appreciate about the summer season. However, that isn’t all. With it too comes the promise of lots of delicious foods and drinks that we only tend to enjoy once summer rolls around. From backyard barbecues with ice-cold beers and cocktails to pool parties packed with milkshakes, sweet treats and ice-creams galore, summer food may be fun and full of flavor but it can also be notoriously bad for your teeth.


Protecting your teeth is important all year round, but there are some things that you might specifically want to bear in mind when it comes to summer and some important advice for keeping your smile safe from harm.

Summer hazards for your teeth


There are numerous different hazards that summer can pose for your teeth – not all of them necessarily to do with what you are eating. Here are some of the top dental hazards to be aware of this summer:


Hidden sugars in the drinks you are consuming. When the weather is warm, we naturally drink more. Unfortunately, many of the drinks that we enjoy are packed full of hidden sugars and acids that destroy tooth enamel. This includes cocktails like the famous Pina Colada to homemade milkshakes, fruit juices, and even energy drinks. Try and drink water wherever possible or at least between sugary drinks to wash some of the sugars that might be clinging to your teeth away.


Sweet foods. It isn’t just drinks that contain hidden sugars. Corn on the cob, sweet marinades and even eating an abundance of fresh fruit can all be bad for your dental health. Try and limit eating to main mealtimes rather than snacking and follow up each meal with a glass of water to wash and the residue of most food problems.


Pool water. Taking a dip in the pool is a great way to cool off this summer, but many people don’t realize that chlorine in the water can erode tooth enamel if your teeth are regularly exposed to it. People who swim more than 6 hours a week are also at risk of developing stains on their teeth. Try and keep your mouth closed when swimming to limit the damage and drink some water immediately after you’ve finished in the pool to rinse away any chlorine that may have targeted your teeth.


Dental injuries caused by summer sports. Since the weather is so nice it is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some physical activities. However, there can be some degree of risk involved, especially in ball and contact sports such as soccer, softball and more. We strongly recommend that you invest in a quality mouthguard to protect your teeth from potential damage.


Ice. Ice in drinks is all part of summer, but many of us inadvertently end up biting down or crunching up the ice with our teeth. If you have veneers or brittle teeth, this habit could cause significant damage to your teeth so is best avoided.

Maintain your dental health this summer by visiting your dentist


In addition to a comprehensive brushing and flossing routine, the best way to protect your teeth from damage this summer is to arrange an appointment with your dentist. Not only can a professional perform a thorough check of your teeth to assess for any developing problems so that they can be treated before they cause issues, but they can also provide a professional grade clean that is far superior to anything that you can do at home.



If you would like more advice on how to protect your teeth this summer, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team, please contact our offices today.