Amazing Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Parker, CO

Amazing Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Parker, CO

Amazing Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Parker, CO


You may have been avoiding your dental check-ups for years to escape getting near that dentist chair. Many people avoid their semi-annual check-ups due to building fear, anxiety, and displeasure when thinking of visiting their dentist. They have endured severe oral pain and tend to delay dental work because of their phobia. Fortunately, the health industry made significant advancements, making it possible for sedation dentistry in Parker, CO available for struggling patients.


Sedation dentistry is a technique for providing the patient's comfort and relaxation during restorative and cosmetic treatment. Most of the time, this procedure drives the patients to fall into a light sleep and undergo the service having no recollection of the process. The level of sedation depends on the patient's needs, and the people who will benefit from this procedure are:

  • Patients with dental phobia

  • Patients with unpleasant dental experience in the past

  • Patients with overly sensitive oral nerves

  • Patients with anxiety disorder

  • Patients with resistance to local anesthesia

Notable Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Less Anxiety

Nervous patients are the ones who most benefit from sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is the way to relieve the building anxiety of the patients. This technique allows them to be comfortable before and during the procedure. This also removes their reason to avoid their regular dental appointments. Anxiety in dental procedures prevents patients from receiving the necessary dental treatment that they need. 

  • Anterograde Amnesia For Patients with Phobias

 Anterograde amnesia is sedation for patients that have phobia related to dental procedures. The term amnesia might sound weird, but this is very advantageous under sedation dentistry. Most peoples dentist phobia started in their childhood experiences and gradually grew at every clinic appointment. Anterograde amnesia caused by sedation dentistry can help the patients build up their phobia because this will wipe out their memory of the procedure. This can also encourage the patient to have their regular appointments. 

  • Controls Sensitive or Overactive Gag Reflex

 A gag reflex occurs in the back of your mouth and is triggered when your body wants to protect itself from swallowing something foreign. This is a natural response, but it can be problematic if it’s overly sensitive. Dentists sometimes need to reach for a deeper oral cavity, and the patient's gag reflex stops that. Patients can get hurt depending on what the dentist is doing due to the overactive spasms. Sedation dentistry prevents this from happening since the gag reflex is paralyzed. This practice allows the dentist to work more efficiently and the patients to be more at ease. 

  • Individuals With Low Pain Threshold

Dentists probably encountered patients with low pain thresholds. Many medications are made available to help in creating more comfortable and relaxed dental visits. The dentist sometimes gives drugs to control the pain and help the patient relax. Anesthesia is applied to remove the pain during dental operations or procedures completely. No patients want to feel that pain, right? The brain cannot recognize the pain under powerful anesthetics and sedatives. This is one of the primary purposes of sedation dentistry. 

  • Smooth Work For Dentists

Without any problems that will distract and hinder the dentist, this will guarantee smooth and efficient work. A patient under the influence of sedatives and anesthesia doesn't have the urge to squirm during the dental procedure. In some cases, these are patients with Restless Leg Syndrome that have difficulties sitting still. Patients with existing conditions like this have an irresistible urge to move their legs. Sedation can address various situations related to this. Without the application of sedation dentistry, the oral procedure can be difficult and lengthy. 

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